Stage 1 - Caterpillar Inc

Client: Caterpillar Incorporated Parts and Distribution Centre

Completed: January 2014

Construction: The Stephens Group in conjunction with Commercial & Industrial Property (CIP)

Stage 1 of the Empire Industrial Estate consisted of a 20 hectare site fronting the M1 Motorway, being the major arterial road connecting Brisbane to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. The site is now home of the Queensland Caterpillar Parts & Distribution Centre consisting of a total building area of approximately 59,700sqm, incorporating 55,500sqm of Warehouse, 2,000sqm Chemical Storage and over 2,200sqm of office on a single level.

The extensive external pavement areas are made up of 24,600sqm heavy duty pavement, including 2,500sqm of 21 meter awnings, loading docks, 15,000sqm storage hardstand and 4,300sqm Light Duty for the 160 cars spaces with access to the facility is via a gatehouse. There is also a potential warehouse expansion area of 18,500sqm for the Caterpillar facility. This building has certainly become an icon of the Gold Coast